The easiest way to reach Baita della Luna is:
From the highway, get the “La Spezia - S. Stefano” exit.
Follow the directions towards Aulla for about 3 km until you reach the bridge of
Turn left, towards La Spezia Albiano Ceparana.
once you are beyond the Albiano village, keep on the same way for about 7 km until
you approach Ceparana.
At the traffic roundabout, on the right, enter in Ceparana and follow the main street for
about 3km until you reach the fork Montedivalli.
Take the road towards Montedivalli on the right and go on for about 4 km until you reach
After about 100 meters, at the fork, take the road on the left towards Bruscarolo.
Keep on driving for about 1 km until you reach the sign “Bruscarolo”, then take the
pathway in front of the sign, among the buildings.
Follow the slope and the direction Alpicella for about 2 km.
At the end of the paved road, on the left, there is an arrow pointing to Baita della Luna.
Continue on the dirt road for about 400 meters and you reach Baita della Luna.
If you do not want to drive your car on the dirt road, you can park and continue by walk.
In case you are not willing to go by walk on the dirt road, call Renzo (+39 393 4875779),he will give a lift to you by car.
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